Latest News

Congrats Dr. Koster!

Carney Lab has graduated our very first PhD student - we are very proud of DR! Hanna Koster for this awesome achievement.

In her time in the group, Hanna measured out thousands (maybe millions) of Raman spectra of clinical samples and published her work in several high impact journals. As the lab's first student, she helped build and implement the entire lab infrastructure, served as de facto lab manager, safety manager, head of the party planning committee, door decorator extraordinaire, BESA president, and wore numerous other hats.

Prof Carney wins the 2022 Shu Chien Early Career Jury Award

Randy was recently named as the recipient of the 2022 University of California’s Shu Chien Early Career Jury Award.

This annual UC-wide award is given to early career faculty who demonstrate outstanding scholarly achievement. It is awarded at the UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium held each summer and recognizes the winner of a lecturer competition.

Farewell to Tatu!

Our esteemed Postdoc turned Project Scientist, Tatu Rojalin, has accepted a Senior Scientist in Biophysics position at Expansion Therapeutics in Florida! We held a nice party to celebrate Tatu's accomplishments in the group and wish him well for his adventure. Thanks for all the great work Tatu and best of luck in your new role!!

Rachel wins an NIH Fellowship!

Carney Lab PhD student Rachel Mizenko just received an NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) F31 fellowship to develop an extracellular vesicular drug delivery system to help treat multiple sclerosis. This exciting project was initiated by Rachel and in collaboration with Carney Lab and Aijun Wang's group at UC Davis Health (Wang Lab Website). 

The F31 fellowship is extremely competitive and represents a massive amount of effort by Rachel - way to go!! 

Marissa Taub completes her Master's degree and is off to London!

Congratulations to Marissa for successfully obtaining her Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. She will be starting her PhD in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technologies at University College London! With a full scholarship over the next four years, she will be collaborating with talented individuals from all over the EU to develop next generation pharmaceuticals at the Center for Doctoral Training. We are so proud of Marissa and lucky to have spent a few years with her in Carney lab!