2022 Colloids paper header

New research published in Colloid and Interface Science Communications!

Our new study by first author Hanna Koster has been published in the journal Colloid and Interface Science Communications, titled:

"Homogenous high enhancement surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates by simple hierarchical tuning of gold nanofoams"

In our exciting new work we created a new method to quickly and easily roughen up gold nanofoams to really boost their enhancement properties. We were able to show our easy-to-synthesize foams perform at similar levels as compared to very expensive commercial SERS substrates. This work could be a step forward to producing large scale inexpensive substrates to use to sense biomolecules for disease diagnostics or environmental contaminants, for example, in wastewater.

This was a great intra-lab collaborative effort by our team, working closely and efficiently together to produce a great study. This is also Victor and Hannah's first published work in Carney Lab!

As usual, the manuscript is fully open access and all raw data is published alongside the study here.

Download the pdf of the manuscript directly: