Dr. Tatu Rojalin is awarded the 2021 OCERN Research Grant!!

If we could meet in real life to celebrate, this is what it might look like... [Photo by cottonbro from Pexels]

Congrats to Tatu, who was named this year's recipient of the Ovarian Cancer Education and Research Network (OCERN) annual research grant!

OCERN website link: http://ocern.org

Here is the lay abstract for the award to give you an idea of the project scope: 

Circulating ovarian cancer-associated extracellular vesicles (OvCa-EVs) shuttle nefarious chemical messengers through bodily fluids to mediate pro-tumor function. Their rapid isolation and identification are of great interest for adoption into liquid biopsy platforms, since they may represent a specific snapshot of the tumor state. Here we propose the development of highly sensitive, specific, and inexpensive dual-detection method for early-stage OvCa-EVs. Our approach is based on binding targeted nanoparticles that sense tumor-specific features of OvCa-EVs to detect these needles amongst the haystack.